We extend our most sincere gratitude to the NGO activists, volunteers, experts and organizations that have supported the establishment and functioning of the Black Sea NGO Network.

Photo: © C.Laycock

2023—2026 — RESPONSE, Building Response Frameworks under Existing and New Marine Pollution Challenges in the Black Sea — European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund Read more

2022—2026 — SOS-ZEROPOL2030, Source to Seas — Zero Pollution 2030 — Horizon Europe Read more

2020—2022 — ECSTALE, Empowering Civil Society Through a Learning Environment — Erasmus+

2020—2022 — SaveGREEN, Safeguarding the functionality of transnationally important ecological corridors in the Danube basin — Danube Transnational Programme Read more

2020—2023 — LitOUTer, Raising public awareness and reducing marine litter for protection of the Black Sea ecosystem — Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014—2020 Read more

2018—2021 — MARLITER, Improved online public access to environmental monitoring data and data tools for the Black Sea Basin supporting cooperation in the reduction of marine litter — Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014—2020 Read more

2018—2019 — HARMON, Harmonization of green and grey infrastructure in Danube region — Interreg Danube Transnational Programme funded by the EU

2017—2020 — MELTEMI, Marine litter transnational legislation enhancement and improvement — Interreg Balkan-Mediterranean Programme funded by the EU Read more

2014—2016 — Reduction of litter in the marine and coastal environment and sustainable use of natural resources — Marine Litter Watch — EEA Financial Mechanism

2014—2015 — Initatives for supporting tourism development in fisheries area Byala — Dolni Chiflik — Avren — European Fisheries Fund

2013—2015 — Clean Rivers — Clean Sea: NGOs actions for environmental protection within the Black Sea area — Black Sea Basin Programme funded by the EU Read more

2012—2015 — PERSEUS — 7FP EU Read more

2011—2013 — Interpretative Trails on the Ground: Support to the Management of Natural Protected Areas in the Black Sea Region — Black Sea Basin Programme funded by the EU Read more

2010—2011 — Regional Exchange of Best Practices in Influencing the Public Sector — Black Sea Trust Read more

2009—2010 — Public Support for the Sustainable Management of the Natura 2000 Sites along the Black Sea Coast — EEA Financial Mechanism

2009—2011 — Upgrade Black Sea SCENE – 7FP EU Read more

2008—2009 — Initiative for Effective Citizens’ Control on Governments: Practical Aspects of Transparency, Accountability and Efficiency Read more

2007—2008 — Better Knowledge about Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in Bulgaria: the Unknown Threat National Campaign — the GEF Small Grants Programme

2007 — Capacity Building Initiative for the Bulgarian Black Sea NGOs and National Campaign for Black Sea Action Day 2007 — GEF-UNDP BSERP

2006—2007 — Enhancing the Capacity of NGOs and Local Authorities in NE Bulgaria for Advocacy and Networking on EU Environmental and Agricultural Issues — Phare BG Programme

2006—2008 — PlanCoast Read more

2005—2008 — The Black Sea SCENE Read more

2006 — “Best agricultural practices in my farm” Read more

2004— 2005 — Project “Supporting Rural Development on the Way to EU Accession” supported by Europe 2003 Phare Programme

2004—2005 —Project “Environmental Accent — Agriculture in Dobrudja and the Influence of Agriculture on Water Quality” supported by the GEF-UNDP Danube Programme

2004—2005 — Project “Support to Capacity Building in Rural Municipalities in North-Eastern Bulgaria for Work on Environment and Agrarian Issues Related to Transposed EU Legislation” supported by DEFRA, UK

2004—2005 — Project “Problems of the Coastal Environment and the Community: Getting Youth Involved” supported by the US Peace Corps

2004 — Establishment of Black Sea Legal Advocacy and Advisory Center and creation of model for replication in the littoral countries, supported by volunteer experts in association with Black Sea Centre for Environmental Information and Education

2004 — International Black Sea Day October 31: Second Regional Media Competition “Black Sea Shared’, Second Eco-Art Forum “Sea, Environment, Process” supported by the Black Sea Basin Directorate and NGO partners in collaboration with Radio Varna and other media

Photo: © BSNN

2003—2004 — Project “Support to the Project Implementation Unit of the Black Sea Ecosystem Recovery Project” supported by GEF-UNDP ice in Relation to the Nitrates directive” 91/676/EEC supported by volunteer experts in association with the Bulgarian agrarian ministry

2003 — First Round of Regional Media Competition “Black Sea Shared” in collaboration with media and NGO partners

2003 – Eco-Art Forum “Sea, Environment, Process” — adding an artistic dimension to the celebration of International Black Sea Day — October 31, supported by the Varna Municipality

2003 — Project “For the Black Sea in a Popular Way” supported by the Varna Municipality

2003 — Project “Black Sea NGO Networking toward Recovery of the Black Sea Ecosystem” supported by the UNDP-GEF BSERP

2002 — Project “Fostering the Cooperation between Decision-makers and the NGO community in the Black Sea Region” supported by the East-East Programme of the Open Society Institute, Budapest

2001—2002 — Project “Water Management as Shared Responsibility” supported by Phare-Access Programme, EU

2001 — Project “Review of International Basin Management Practices”

2000—2001 — Project “Public Advocacy Initiative for a Responsible Bulgarian Coastal Zone Development Policy’ supported by Open Society Club, Varna

2000—2001 — Project “Community Efforts for the Restoration of the Black Sea Model in Varna” supported by the US Peace Corps and the Ministry of Environment and Waters of the Republic of Bulgaria

2000—2001 — Project “BSNN Programme I and II” supported by the Netherlands Organisation for International Development Cooperation /Novib/

2000—Project “Anti-trawl Campaign” supported by the Ministry of Environment and Waters of the Republic of Bulgaria