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This project is supported by the European Commission DG RTD as part of the 6th Framework Programme as a Research Infrastructures Coordination Action — EC Contract No. RICA-2005-022868

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Final project year

The Black Sea SCENE, a three-year joint effort of  25 partners from Black Sea countries: Ukraine (5), Russia (7), Turkey (3), Romania (2), Bulgaria (4), Georgia (4), together with 7 partners from EU member states (6) and (1) Associated State is in its final stage of implementation. The Black Sea SCENE, supported by the EU 6FP as a research infrastructure coordinating activity, is part of the efforts of the scientific community and the regional public to develop an Internet based data and information infrastructure to be maintained and utilized by the leading environmental and socio-economic research institutes, universities and NGO’s from the countries around the Black Sea.


The project activities aimed to stimulate the scientific cooperation, exchange of knowledge and expertise, and to strengthen the regional capacity and performance of marine environmental data & information management. In addition to that they are targeting to underpin harmonization with European marine data quality control/assessment procedures and the adoption of international meta-data standards and data-management practices, providing improved data and information delivery services for the Black Sea region at a European level.

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Environmental and socio-economic scientists and technical specialists of the partners met regularly in Workshops. On the workshops Common Data Quality Control procedures have been explored and harmonized. Partners have compiled overviews of their marine datasets and data acquisition activities using established European metadata formats.
Partners have assessed the quality of their datasets and include Data Quality indicators in the metadata. A virtual data and information infrastructure has been implemented to facilitate the access to metadata and datasets. This includes a Black Sea regional portal with central meta-directories, equipped with dynamic mapping functions, and giving links to distributed datasets at partners.

Project products section launched

During the last year of the Black Sea SCENE project a large number of interesting products regarding Black Sea SCENE scientific activities have been launched or will be launched in the near future. The products are developments of the project partners and cover search applications of catalogues with Datasets, Projects, Scientists, Reports etc, a DQC inventory and more.

The products are aimed to make Black Sea scientific information and data easier traceable by scientists and the general public. The developments are:

Black Sea SCENE (BlackSeaSene) partly has its own content management system (CMS) — for Scientists, SED, Bibliography and the biological catalogues and checklists, and relies for its other directories (datasets, projects, organizations, cruises) on the centrally maintained SeaDataNet directories and maintenance system.


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