Charitable Foundation for Assistance of Non-Sight Scientists of Ukraine “VISAVI”, Kyiv, Ukraine

Contact address:
P.O.Box 174
03022 Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel: +380 44 2667381
Fax: +380 44 2667381

To assist visually hampered in public and scientific life of society

— Organizing ecological camps, festivals of the visulally hampered children
— Holding scientific conferences for students
— Nature protection activities, ecological education for children
— Issuing literature, tutorials and manuals

Public Environmental Association “Green World” (ZEVS) of Kharkiv Region, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Contact address:
10 Cooperativna Str., apt. 206
61003 Kharkiv, Ukraine
Tel: +380 572 647711
Authorized Representative: George Listopad

— To promote sustainable development of the Kharkiv Region

— Nature protection of small rivers

Research Centre “NOOSPHERA”, Odessa, Ukraine

Contact address:
Primorskaya St.31, ap.1
65026 Odessa, Ukraine
Tel: +380 482 235970
Fax: + -380 482 250918
Authorized Representative: Nikolai Berlinsky

— To promote sustainable development of the Black Sea coastal zone and the Danubian delta

— To assess marine and river ecosystems
— To collect scientific data and disseminate the information among governmental structures and the general public

Nikolaev Regional Ecological Association “Zeleny Svit”, Mykolaiv, Ukraine

Contact address:
St. B.Morskaya 45, apt. 11
54030 Mykolaiv, Ukraine
Tel: + 380 512 353389
Fax: +380 512 353112
Authorized Representative: Oleksandra Tolstych

— To promote public control on the nature protective legislation and to prevent pollution by ecologically dangerous industrial enterprises

h information services: informing the public about regional ecological problems
h lobbying: exertion of pressure upon the authorities on nature protective legislation, representing citizens in case of violation of their ecological rights
h public educatio
n: popularization of nature protective legislation and the necessity of harmonization of society and the environment

National Ecological Centre of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Contact address:
Kominterna 1
Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel: +380 44 2386260
Fax: +380 44 2386529
Authorized representative: Serhiy Tarashcuk

— To unite the efforts of scientists, politicians and the public to assist and support the conservation of natural resources, to restore the quality of the environment and promote the sustainable development of Ukraine

— biodiversity conservation
— establishment and management of protected areas
— environmental scientific expertise
— environmental education
— environmental publications
— public campaigns against nuclear energy use in Ukraine and promotion of sustainable energy

— Popular illustrated magazine “World in Your Palms”/ “Svit v dolonyakh” in English and Ukrainian
— Popular scientific journal “Ojkumena. Ukrainian Ecological Heritage”

Projects implemented:
Establishment of New Regional Ecological Centre
Living Water— 98
National coordinator for Ukraine for CEE Bankwatch Network
Public Participation and Mass Media Involvement in the Environmental Decision-making

Ecological Society “Biotica-South”, Odessa, Ukraine

Contact address:
per. Karetny 23, f. 23
65021 Odessa, Ukraine
Tel: +380 482 230950
Authorized representative: Katrine Volya

— To promote the improvement of ecological conditions in the Black Sea basin, focusing in the Odessa area

predominantly experts — biologists and ecologists with wide experience and knowledge of the Northwestern Black Sea coast.

Scout Troop of Mykolaev, Mykolaiv, Ukraine

Contact address:
Str. 2 proulok Zelenyi, 2
54018 Mykolaiv, Ukraine
Tel: +380 512 355266
Authorized representative: Anatoliy Semenkov

— To develop physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual qualities in children.

— To organize and implement scout programs for children and young people (educational camps, campaigns, nature protection, charitable activities)
— To prepare trainers for educational activity with the scouts

— Two camps “Sources” in Crimea, a scouts meeting on Voloshsk Spit, an awareness campaign for improving the condition of small rivers “Clean beaches”.

Scout Union of Evpatoria

Contact address:
Str.9 May, 47/5
97401 Evpatoria, Ukraine
Tel: +380 6569 55273
Fax: +380 6569 55273
Authorized representative: Sergey Suhoboychenko

— To develop ecological, sport, cultural and educational activities

— To collect and disseminate information about scout movement
— To organize educational, ecological and other activities with the participation of children and youth
— To organize scout, ecological camps on charitable basis
— To organize children-oriented activities, such as competitions, concerts, exhibitions, trainings and seminars, conferences etc.

200 people
Partners in the Black Sea draft program Phare/TACIS.

Mykolaiv Branch of National Ecological Centre of Ukraine

Contact address:
37-b, Lazurnaya Str., apt. 73
54000 Mykolaiv, Ukraine
Tel: +380 512 415306
Fax: +380 512 353112 (for Derkach)
Authorized representative: Oleh Derkach

— To consolidate the intellectual potential of the Mykolaiv Region for the solution of ecological problems.

— Protected area management, organization of conferences and seminars, environmental education, ecological tourism.
— 4 video films about protected areas in the Mykolaiv Region
— 2 booklets on Regional Landscape Parks
— Ecological camp “Kinburn — 2000”

Youth Ecological Centre “V.I.Vernadsky”

Contact address:
Str. M. Arnautskaya 73, apt.21
65023 Odessa, Ukraine
Tel: + 380 482 259738
Fax: 380 482 259738
Authorized representative: Alfred Tsykalo

— Ecological expeditions with the participation of more than 1000 schoolchildren (the Black Sea coast, Dniester, Budak, Alibey and Burnas limans, Dniester delta)
— Research on the extent of contamination in the northwestern part of the Black Sea.
— Regional and international conferences and seminars
— Environmental education

— Black Sea Flora and Fauna, textbooks, handbooks, brochures, booklets and posters.

Charitable Fund “Institute of Noosphere”

Contact address:
Str. Knyazheskaya, 6, apt.3
65029 Odessa, Ukraine
Tel: + 380 482 238278
Authorized representative: Sergey Silantiev

— To improve the ecological state of the environment in Southern and Western Ukraine

— Sustainable rural development
— Biodiversity protection
— Ecotourism
— Application of multi-media technologies
— Environmental education
— Aquaculture

Kharkiv City Public Organisation “EcoPravo-Kharkiv”

Contact address:
P.O.Box 2050
61202 Kharkiv, Ukraine
Tel: +380 572 191021
Fax: +380 572 191021
Authorized representative: Dr Alexei Shumilo

— Voicing citizens’ concerns on environmental issues
— Preparation and legal assessment of environmental legislation
— Professional training for lawyers engaged in environmental issues
— Establishment of a library on Ukrainian and international legislation on nature protection

— Seminars on the Bucharest Convention, training courses for lawyers

— Quarterly magazine

Environmental Organisation of Luhansk Region “Zeleny Svit”

Contact address:
St. 16th line, 3/230
91055 Luhansk, Ukraine
Tel: +380 642 551397/530727
Authorized representative: Valery Denshchik


— To involve the local community in activities aimed at solution of ecological issues of the Luhansk region and Ukraine
— To guarantee a healthy environment for the community in the region
— To assist in forming ecological awareness in society

— Carrying out of independent ecological assessment
— Monitoring the implementation of environmental legislation and the rational use of natural resources
— Informing the public on the state of the environment, electronic magazine

Cherkassy Regional Organisation “Zeleny Svit”

Contact address:
St. Frunze, 1
18002 Cherkassy, Ukraine
Tel: +380 472 455337
Fax: +380 472 455337
Authorized representative: Alla Pleskach

— To assist environmental control services in the protection of the environment

— Dissemination of environmental information
— Establishment of ecological laboratory
— Public hearings

Institute of Ecology, South Branch (INECO) Ukraine

Contact address:
Institute of Ecology, South Branch, National Ecological Centre of Ukraine
Address: 45 V.Morska Str.
54030 Mykolaiv, Ukraine
Tel: +380 0512- 58037
Fax: +380 0512 353112 for INECO
Authorised Representative: Serhiy Shapovalov

The South Branch of the Institute of Ecology is a non-governmental non-profit scientific organization established by the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine. It works for the protection and improvement of the environment through the adoption of scientific achievements and environmental technologies in industry. The organisation develops and implements new ecological and ecologically clean industrial technologies and elaborates methods of sustainable development of the region.

Main activities
— Development and elaboration of regulation and planning for the nature protection
— Elaboration of complex programmes of regional development which foresee application of non-traditional methods and technologies and preparation them for use by administrative structures
— Evaluation of territorial soiling and ability of landscape to spontaneous clearing
— Scientific provision of decision of the problems for preserving biological and landscape diversity
— Creating protected territories and ecological corridors
— Realization of coastal management
— Elaboration of measures for improvement of ecological situation in the region including — Technologies for cleaning and reducing the amount of industrial liquid wastes and utilization of solid waste
— Realization of an independent ecological examination

Projects of protected areas in the regional landscape parks
“Granite-Steppe Bug Riverside” (5000 ha), “Kinburn Spit” (18000 ha),“Tiligul” (8500 ha) and “Micheil’s step” (1300 ha)

Developed industrial technologies
The Institute has developed and implemented ecologically clean industrial technologies for purification and disinfection of water, sewage and utilization of solid waste.

The Institute is a member of IUCN, EUCC, the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine and the Mykolaiv Regional Ecological Association “Green World”.

1995 — IUCN fund grant for running a seminar “IUCN’s strategy”.
1996 — ISAR grant “Establishing Micheil’s steppe reserve’
1996 — International “Vidrodzennya” (Soros) fund grant “Granite-Steppe Bug Riverside”
1996 — IUCN grant for running a seminar “Establishing NREC in Ukraine”.
1997 — 1998 International “Vidrodzennya” (Soros) fund grant. “Kinburn Spit” project
1998 — 1999 NOVIB grant “Organization Country meeting of NGOs interested in becoming of the BSNN and elaboration a National Black Sea NGOs Action Plan”
1999 TACIS grant “Restoring of Wetlands Biodiversity on Ukrainian Black Sea Coast”
1999 BSNN grant “Clean coast” dedicated to International Black Sea Day

Sevastopol Environmental Organization “SECAMP— 2000”

Contact address:
42 Geroev Stalingrada Ave., apt. 115
99059 Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine
Tel: +38 0692 41362
Authorized representative: Dr. Sergey A. Khvorov

Sevastopol Environmental Organization “Secamp — 2000” was registered on September 19, 2000. Its activity began in the framework of TACIS Black Sea project in 1997.

The organisation took part in:
International Black Sea Day — 1997,1998,1999,2000 (clean-ups, festivals, exhibitions)
Black Sea International Travelling Exhibition “Eco — Pont 1997— 98”
Infobus Campaign — 99
World Wetlands Day— 2000, 2001
Tacis Black Sea NGO conference in Evpatoria (May, 2000)

Main goal:
— To promote protection and rehabilitation of the Black Sea environment

Main areas of activity
— Sustainable development of the Black Sea region
— Biodiversity protection
— Ecotourism
— Environmental education
— Environmental visual projects: environmental cartoons and clips; movies; booklets, guides etc.

Public Ecological Community “Ecocenter” Verhniy Rogachik

Contact address:
2a Sverdlova Str.
74400 Verhniy Rogachik, Kherson Region, Ukraine
Tel: +380 245 50785
Authorized representative: Oleksandr V. Bibick

— Solution of local environmental problems
— Improvement of the environment

Areas of activity:
— Environmental awareness and education
— Implementation of small local environmental projects

Regional Black Sea Network of Public Organisations

Contact address:
45 V. Morska Str.
54030 Mykolaiv, Ukraine
Tel: + 380 512 358037
Fax: +380 512 353112
Authorized representative: Serhiy Shapovalov

— Realization of the programs on prevention of pollution of the Black Sea
— Promotion to an improvement of management by coast zones and basins of the rivers
— Preservation of a biological and landscape diversification
— Promotion to development of the environmental legislation
— Involving of public organizations and sociability to decision-making processes
— Assistance to development of ecological education

“Man and steppe”, financed by the ISAR — Yednannya