Turkish Environmental and Woodlands Protection Society, Istanbul, Turkey

Contact address:
Muhurdarbagi Sokak, No:4/3
Kadikoy 34710 Istanbul, Turkey
Tel. +90 216 3380017
Fax +90 216 3304155
E-mail: cevre@turcek.org.tr
Web site: www.turcek.org.tr
Authorized representative: Mrs. B. Gul Goktepe

— To protect the natural resources mainly air, water and earth from all kinds of environmental pollution factors which are endangering human health and ecology
— To encourage, coordinate and support efforts of deforestation
— To increase public awareness on pollution prevention and environmental protection issues
— To promote environmental education activities and campaigns for public information
— To provide recommendations to decision-makers through public opinion activities on critical issues related to environmental impact assessment of specific projects.
— To protect the environment, the human health and animal and plant specie, against air, water and surface pollution
— To rehabilitate the living environmental of all human beings, animal and plant species
— To provide appropriate utilization of land and natural resources
— To protect the historical and cultural heritage of Turkey
— To protect and develop the parks and the green areas in the cities; forests and agricultural land in the rural areas
— To inform the public for managing and providing a healthy environment for the future generations

Projects implemented:
Weekly environmental programs for Turkish Phoneevision Channel 2

The Black Sea Environmentalists/Society for Protection of Natural Environment, Trabzon, Turkey

Contact address:
Gazipasa Caddesi, Razi Ishani, Kat:3/18
61200 Trabzon, Turkey
Tel: +90 462 3225379
Fax: +90 462 3224337/3261461
E-mail: ertug@gul.net.tr
Authorized Representative: A. Atila Bayindir

— To work for the sustainable development by protection of nature, to raise the public awareness on environmental issues

Human Settlements Association, Beyoglu, Turkey

Contact address:
Gazetrecierol Dernek Sokak Hanif Han, No 11/1
Beyoglu 80060, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: +90212-249-78-76, 292-68-23
Fax: 245-56-04
E-mail: insanyerlesimi@superonline.com
Authorised Representative: Korhan Gumus

Mission and Objectives
The Human Settlements Association (HSA), established in 1996, shows concern about issues related to local administration functioning and its policy. The HSA activities are aimed at the decision-making processes and their impact on the life of the community. The association takes an interest in urban services, the environment, culture and urban development. HAS aims at the establishment of an administrative model based on greater participation of the local administration in the decision-making process and localization in general. The purpose of HSA is to look for practical solutions to existing problems in relations among citizens and in relations between citizens and local authorities. It also facilitates sharing of information on issues of common concern to the community. The association aims at developing administrative practices based on greater participation and better supervision of the administrative process. HSA is not related to any political group and has no political preferences. Issues related to the human settlements have been considered mostly from the political point of view. HAS aims to offer a civic perspective to the understanding and solution of problems related to the human settlements. Its purpose is not opposition but participation in the solution of problems and in the process of change.

Membership, Managers and Specialization
The founding committee of HAS has previous NGO experience. It is comprised mainly of architects, city and regional planners and social science specialists. These persons are also founders and managers of various other NGOs. HSA has developed its organizational structure and swelled its ranks after the 1999 earthquake attracting new volunteers and professionals.

The following is a brief review of major activities, accomplished by HAS over the past few years.

'Best Ten' Urban Achievements
The Best Ten Urban Achievements are selections of successful urban achievements made by the government to mark the 75th anniversary of theTurkish Republic. The project comprised three stages: research based on interviews with over 350 institutions; comprehensive evaluation after preliminary selection focusing on ten samples (out of a total of sixty) targeted for further research and reporting; preparation of a database of successful practices and information material.

Galata Urban Rehabilitation Project
This project aimes at local development in an old district of a historical city as opposed to simple rebuilding of historical old quarters or restoration of tourist attractions. The project aims to enable the current and future residents of the district to continue living there without discrimination by language, religion, race or sex, to preserve their buildings in their proper environment and to improve their cultural and social status. The local administration, residents of the district, non-governmental organisation and universities undertooka joint effort for the improvement of housing, the rehabilitation of the cultural sites, the improvement of infrastructure and social facilities within the context of a multi-faceted, integrated district project.

Istanbul Earthquake Conference
This four-day conference was planned by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality with the contribution of HAS for international relations, for the planning and participation of NGOs. HAS continues to work with municipal projects of the municipality such as the future disaster action plan in relation with the earthquake.
Resident Participation in Beyoglu Development Plan
In the campaign against the revision of the of the development plan for the Kasympasa/Piyalepasa/Okmeydany districts, HAS organised meetings where all concerned could participate in the discussions and voice their opinions. About 6000 people were involved in the campaign and various local initiative groups formulated their demands. The plan, prepared prior to the citizen campaign, was repealed which was a decision without precedent in Istanbul.

The Third Bosphorus Bridge, Gokkafes Highrise, Taksim Square Urbanization Plan
HAS carried out pilot studies to enable citizen participation in urban plans prepared by local and central administration. A wide public awareness campaign was carried out to inform the population and ensure its participation in the above projects. In the opposition campaign against the Third Bosphorus Bridge, HAS has supported the Arnavutkoy District Initiative.

District Initiatives Communication Network Support Project
HAS supports the establishment of a communication network for district initiatives and associations in Istanbul. Activities include communication with various district initiatives Protection Association, Galata Association, Arnavutkoy District Initiative, for comprehensive discussion of district problems between authorities, administrators and residents and for finding solutions to problems.

Participation in Local Administration Project
HAS and other NGOs participated in a pre-election campaign inviting all local candidates to discuss a new administrative perspective based on openness, transparency, accountability, participation and partnership. HAS also took up the initiative of signing an agreement on future obligations between the NGOs and the candidates who pledged to fulfil their promises if elected.

Wildlife Conservation Society of Samsun, Samsun, Turkey

Contact address:
Lise Cad Gali Kultur Mrk
Samsun, Turkey
Tel: +90 362 2349917
Fax: +90 362 2349917
Authorized representative: Ahmet Yucel

Work priorities:
— Water pollution
— Air pollution
— Environmental education
— Aquaculture
— Sustainable tourism
— Conservation
— Solid waste management
— Protected area management
— Urban issues

Public awareness campaigns, education activities, promoting cooperation between governmental and nongovernmental organisations at local level, general environmental problems of Samsun, research.
Projects implemented:
Fotosafari and walking at Kocadag, writing articles for several newspapers, organising environmental panels and conferences, field environmental activities, environmental education of students, activities on International Black Sea Day 31 October, anticipation in DHKD “ Kizilimak Delta Wetland Conservation and Management Project”

Association of Environmental Protection and Consumption, Adana, Turkey

Contact address:
Cemalpasa mah. 283 str. #312/1
01120 Adana, Turkey
Tel: +09 322 4590355
Fax: +90 322 3387009
E-mail: fidoran@mail.cu.edu.tr
Authorized Representative: Prof.Dr. Figen Doran Md

— To define and provide solutions to the environmental problems in Adana

— Campaigns: First and second Cetko Forest; Means of transport which is cheap, healty and environmentally friendly; Environmental Bicycle; Park Ataturk can’t be a carpark; We must recognise and save the cultural monuments; We want plenty of green areas; We don’t want a nuclear powerplant in Akkuyu; Collect waste paper; Collect secondhand books and toys; I don’t give my school; Sensitiveness to Aflatoxin B1; Collect batteries; Factory wastes; Struggle against pollution of drinking water; Struggle against pollution of the river Seyhan and Calut; The garbage Sofulu; - Solid waste and hospital wastes; Struggle against erosion.

KADIKOYU Bilim Kultur ve Sanat Dostlari Dernegi (KADOS), Istanbul

Contact address:
Zumrutevler Mah. Nil Cad., Hukukçular ve Idareciler Sitesi Sosyal Tesis Binasi (Lawyers and Managers Cooperative Social  Building)
No:24 K:2 D:7
34852 Maltepe Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: +90 532 7744525, +90 533 3955839, +90 555 4836830
Fax: +90 216 5891616
E-mail: tanayuyar@gmail.com
Authorized representative: Dr. Tanay Sidki Uyar

— To work for the sustainable development and protection of the natural environment, to raise the public awareness on environmental issues and to increase public participation in the decision making process.
— To protect and introduce our cultural richness
— To promote public sensitivity on arts via seminars, exhibitions and other means.


Local Activities
City Chats of scientists and artists with the citizens
Seminars for primary school students and their teachers on renewable energy technologies and social cost of human activities
Workshops about NGO capacity building
Social interaction between citizens
Networking with other environmental NGO's and Networks (AKCEP -Mediterranean Platform of 40 Environmental NGOs, Black Sea National Environmental NGOs Forum)

International Activities
KADOS is an accredited association for Johannesburg Earth Summit
International Networks, which KADOS participates in and co-operates with, are:

MARE-Mediterranean Social-Ecological Youth Network
SAN-South Access Network