Mare Nostrum, Constanta, Romania

Contact address:
OP 1, CP 139
8700 Constanta, Romania
Tel/ Fax: +40 41 612 422
Authorized representative: Lucian Ionescu

To promote the transformation from the current unsustainable practices and attitudes towards more sustainable and environmentally conscious methods of the Romanian Black Sea Coastal Zone.

To increase the awareness and to educate the community constituents on the coastal zone problems and their solutions.
To promote and ensure sustainable development of the coastal zone, by assessing the state of the environment, protected area management, and environmental policies.
To establish partnerships with community stakeholders, which will enable us to ensure sustainable development of the Black Sea Coastal Zone.

Projects implemented:
1995 — Training of trainers for high school teachers and supporting “Youth ecologists clubs” in 4 high schools from Constanta and Eforie Sud
1997 — 1998 — Voluntary surveys of environmental conditions of the Black Sea shore and litoral lakes & Coastwatch Romania and Techirghiol Lake Monitoring Project ‘97
1997 — 1998 — Summer courses for “The Deltaic and Lagoon Ecosystem”
1997 — 1998 — Travelling Exhibition ECOPONT
1997 — 31 October, International Black Sea Day
1998 — Cosultation Conference “Stepping from strategy to action" on implementation of the National Black Sea Action Plan
1998 — 31 October, International Black Sea Day
1999 — Public information centers and ecobusiness
1999 — 2000 — Coastwatchers group training program
1999 — 2000 — Environmental assessment of the Vama Veche – 2 Mai reserve
2000 — 2001 — Project ”Clean beaches, the first commitment for a sustainable tourism in Romania and Bulgaria Black Sea Coastal Areas”; Project “Romanian Coastwatchers encourage involvement of young citizens and stakeholders in understanding, caring and taking action for the Black Sea Environment”; Project ” Raising the awareness of Environmental issues in Romania — Keep Romanian beaches clean”

Black Sea Operational Centre, Constanta, Romania

Contact address:
National Institute for Marine Research and Development “Grigore Antipa”
Bd. Mamaia 300
8700 Constanta 3, Romania
Tel: +40 41 543288
Fax: +40 41 831274
Authorized representative: Dr Alexandru Bologa

To study specific oceanographic topics, environmental protection, national and international legislation
To organize training courses on environmental impact assessment (EIA) and environmental auditing (EA)
To facilitate the exchange of information on ongoing oceanological research and management programmes, with particular emphasize on the Black Sea
To promote scientific and public interest for the regional development of the Black Sea area
To disseminate reviews, bibliographies and data bases concerning the Black Sea a
nd its present environmental state
To stimulate the development of national and regional networks in the field of marine sciences
To encourage affiliation of oceanology-oriented organizations, institutions and specialists to the Black Sea Universities Network (BSUN).

Projects implemented:
1999 — International Leadership Seminar "Using Today's Scientific Knowledge for the Black Sea Area's Development Tomorrow", Mamaia/Romania, 21—23 September 1999
2000 — Co-organisation with MEDCOAST, Ankara/Turkey of the Fifth International Training Programme on Beach Management in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, Mamaia/Romania
2001 — Submition of three project proposals with Mare Nostrum/Romania and CIER/Romania, for evaluation, to the Black Sea University Foundation, Bucharest/Romania

Ecological Cooperation Group, Bucharest, Romania

Contact address:
120 Calea Victoriei
70179 Bucharest, Romania
Tel: +40 1 3111932
Fax: +40 1 3111932
Authorized Representative: Prof. Dr. Dan Gabriel Manoleli

To promote interdisciplinary cooperation on ecological issues and to foster the associative movement for environmental improvement

Environmental education
Public policy participation
Involvement in strategy, law and environmental policymaking.
Publications: EcoMagazine “REMEDIU”

Projects implemented:
1992 — Project “The bright face of Romania”
1993 — The Ambassadors of the Danube Delta — Environmental Education Expedition for School Children; Training, Information and Mediation center for Eco-Development TIMCED, Ploiesti
1994 — 1995 — Project “Saving, Restoring and Conserving of the Hedges; Ecological Agricultures, Legislation for Everybody”
1996 — 1997 — Survey of the Application of the Environment International Conventions, Ecological FORUM’S Book (FOMR’97)
1999 — The Application of European Principle ‘Polluter Pays’ in Romania, Public Policy in Sensitive Territories, Housing and Town-planning Policy, Policies of Delineation between Regulation and Control Function and the Economic Policies; Policies of Global Financing in Higher Education System; Policy of Quality Building in the Higher Education System; Policy of Diploma and Certificates Regime
2000 — Higher Education Performance Evaluation

Romanian Association for Management and Sustainable Development, Bucharest

Contact address:
36, Moisa Nicoara St., Bl.D2, SC.A, Et.4, AP.34
Bucharest, Romania
Tel/ Fax: +40 1 3226002
Authorized representative: Lixandru Elena

Observations to law projects; collaboration in drawing out some law projects, various regulations
Collaboration/Partnership in elaborating macro and sector development strategies elaborating interdisciplinary studies
Participation to NGO networks on themes such as: energy, transportation, agriculture, sylviculture etc.
Professional consultation for magazines (Industrial Ecology), permanent headings or semi-permanent in some magazines or journals (Inventica, The Economist) on themes of environment protection, sustainable development
Courses on ecology and environment protection themes together with other NGOs or institutions (The National Centre for the Preparation of the Public Local Administration Leaders etc.)
Elaboration of radio and TV shows on environmental interest themes
Various campaigns interest in lobby (in perspective). Examples:
Save the Carpathian Bear
Stop the TENNECO company
Promoting the concepts of modern management of the cities
Finalizing the rural electrification campaign
Stopping cutting down trees from the public domain
Who's afraid of the nuclear energy?
Capitalization of the renewable energy sources
Integration of the gypsies
Modern management of solid household wastes

Projects implemented:
Partnership to elaborate a Development Strategy for the city of Busteni (together with TER)
Partnership to elaborate Sustainable Development Strategy for the 1st sector in Bucharest (ECOSENS — coordinator)
The campaign: Who's afraid of the nuclear energy? (together with AGER- Bucharest and the newspaper The Economist)
Contributions to develop works from the "BUCHAREST XXI" series, such as:
Urban energy
"Green" city
Urban Agora
Environmental conducts derived from the old environmental knowledge

Eco Counselling Centre Galati Romania (ECCG)

Contact address:
Basarabiei Str. No.2
6200 Galati, Romania
Tel: +40 36 499957
Fax: +40 36 460827
Authorized representative: Prof. Petruta Moisi

To raise public awareness on environmental issues through the promotion of ideas and practices of environmentally friendly lifestyle, of sustainable development; to create a general sense of responsibility and commitment on the local, national and regional level.

Provide qualified advice and information about a wide range of environmental issues to citizens, local administrations, schools, governmental institutions, NGOs, etc.
Disseminate information to the general public so as to improve the knowledge about in environment, Local Agenda 21, EU accession partnership, etc.
Provide training facilities to those interested in Eco Counselling issue, Environmental education, ecological renovation, public participation, water related issues, energy conservation, etc.
Give main priority to setting up a regional eco counselling network within Romania with Eco Counselling Centre Galati as the net knot.
The programs, either completed or in progress and/or planned to be developed, cover three main fields of activities:

Project Management/Implementation