Aquamedia, Georgia

Contact address:
78 Uznadze Str.
Tbilisi 380002, Georgia
Authorized representative: Ms Inessa Kuzanova

Aquamedia was established in 1998.

Misssion and objectives:
Aquamedia is non-governmental organization whose mission is to promote sustainable practicies based on scientific research carried out by the members of organization. This organization, together with the Caucasus Environment implemented the project “Applying the methods of safe and effective use of pesticides and development of aquaculture farming

Caucasus Environment, Georgia

Contact address:
Nutsubidze 42, cor. 1, room 19 42
Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: 995 32 39 30 07
Fax: 995 32 00 13 03
Authorized representative: Ms Manana Devidze

The Caucasus Environment was established and registered in 1998.

Mission and goals of the organisation:
Scientific research of the coastal environment in the Caucasus
Rational use of natural resources
Sustanable development and environmental education.

Partner organisations: “Georgian Greens”, “Aquamedia”.
Implemented Projects /name, goals, results/:
1.“Ecology and environmental management”, goal - training courses for environmentalists, result – printing study materials on environmental management.
2. “Harmful bloom of algae events in the Black Sea coastal zone of Georgia”, goals – scientific research for sustainable development of aquatic environment, result – recommendations to different environmental institutions.
3. “Developing aquaculture farms in Paliastomi Region”, goals – rational use of fish resources in the Black Sea coastal zone, results – the income from aquaculture farms and sustanable development of Paliastomi Region on the Black Sea.

1. “Public participation in environmental impact assasment of oil extraction in Taribana”.
2. Earth Day 2000.

Biological Farming Association ELKANA, Georgia

Contact address:
Delisi III, Nakveti 15
Tbilisi 380077, Georgia
Tel: +995 32 5364 –84,-85,-87
Fax: +995 32 536484
Authorized representative: Ms Mariam Jorjadze

The association was established in 1993 and registered in 1994

The Biological Farming Association ELKANA is a non-governmental Georgian organization founded by
the Georgia Green Movement in 1993. Having started with 9 farmer members, ELKANA now unites about 150 farmers in different regions of Georgia. As a non-governmental organization, ELKANA was registered on October 6, 1994, since 1996 is a member of the International Federation of Organic Movement (IFOAM). ELKANA is the only organization in Georgia, which seeks to promote and develop organic farming.

Most of the work of ELKANA consists of advisory field. The association operates a service with 5 advisors. ELKANA publishes a magazine and has held several seminars on organic farming, biodiversity preservation and village development. ELKANA has been active in preserving and propagating indigenous crop species and promoting cooperation between farmers at the village level.
The main goal of the organization is Promotion of Organic Farming and Rural Development in Georgia.

Georgian Center for Conservation of Wildlife, Georgia

Contact address:
Ambrolauri St, 4/2
Tbilisi 380060, Georgia
Tel: +995 32 37 38 94
Authorized representative: Mr Alexander Gavashelishvili

The organisation was established in 1994 and registered in 1997.

The Georgian Center for Conservation of Wildlife (GCCW) is a non-governmental, non-profit, civil organization that has been operating since 1994.

The mission of the organization is to encourage the conservation of Georgia's nature and establish the principles of sustainable development in the country for the future generations.

GCCW together with other conservation NGOs in Georgia was established as a reaction to the inability of the government system, including universities, to address environmental issues and support conservation research because of insufficient financing. This conservation NGO does not aim to replace the government agencies in the long term. The GCCW provides emergency measures to promote conservation within Georgia, and help Georgia meet international commitments to conservation.

To fulfil its Mission GCCW is active through three main programs: Education, Conservation and Sustainable Development.

Ongoing projects:
— Study of the bearded vulture (Gypaetus barbatus) in Georgia (Supported by the US National Research Council)
— Publishing the environmental monthly “KHANCHALI” (supported by Horizonti and WWF)
— Running Caucasus Environmental NGO Network — CENN (supported by Sacred Earth Network)
— Establishment of national parks’ network in Georgia (supported by GEF/World Bank)

Association Initiative, Georgia

Contact address:
6A Shio-Mgvimeli Str.
Tbilisi 380079, Georgia
Tel: +995 32 250711, 225575
Fax: +995 32 250711
Authorized representative: Ms Nana Karseladze

Association Initiative was established in 1999.

Mission and goals
— Promotion of civil society
— Civil education
— Promotion of environmental awareness
— Promotion of sustainable development
— The members of INITIATIVE are higly qualified experts in the field of environmental protection, members of several scientific institutes. The aim of the organization is to protect the unique environment of the country and to promote the principles of sustainable development. INITIATIVE is partner of the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia and works on local, national and regional level.

The Greens Movement of Georgia / Friends of the Earth Georgia

Contact address:
182 Agmashenebeli Ave
Tbilisi 380012, Georgia
Tel: +995 32 95 20 33
Fax: +995 32 35 16 74
Authorized representative: Rusudan Simonidze

The Greens Movement of Georgia was established in 1989.

Mission and goals
The mission of the Greens Movement of Georgia is to protect the environmental, human and ethnocultural heritage according to the principles of sustainable development, to object to the technocratic and utilitarian treatment of nature, to establish ecologically safe technologies, to contribute to the solidarity between people and peace on earth.
The goal of the organisation is to build an ecologically and socially sustainable society and to promote civil society building. The Greens Movement of Georgia works on a broad range of issues with a strong emphasis on the environment. Broadening environmental concerns with social justice and democratic commitment is also part of the work of FOE Georgia.

Friends of the Earth International
Both Ends, Netherlands
Bank Information Center, USA
CEE Bankwatch Network

Ongoing projects
International Energy Brigade (IEB), financed by Lottery International, UK
Climate Change Campaign, FOE – US Small Grants Fund
Bankwatch Network Activities in Georgia
Georgia Energy Brigade, Phase III with German Embassy, Japan Embassy, Staples Trust UK

Green Wave, Georgia

Contact address:
45 Vazha- Pshavela, fl. 18
Tbilisi 380074, Georgia
Tel: +995 32 997 169
Fax: +995 32 936 274
Authorized representative: Ms Maka Jakhua

Association “Green Wave” , a non-profit non-governmental organization, was founded in 1995. Its main objective is to advocate the principles of democracy and strengthen the development of civil society by supporting the polularization of the NGO sector in Georgia.
Radio “Green Wave” actively participates in the accomplishment of the Association goals.

Priority areas
— Strengthening the development of civil society in Georgia;
— Development of environmental awareness in the Georgian society;
— Popularization of the NGO sector in Georgia;
— Promotion of co-operation between governmental, non-governmental and business sectors;
— Development of independent mass media in Georgia;
— Contribution to the establishment of an integrated information space for the South Caucasus region.

aMARC (World Association of Public Radios); IFEJ (International Federation of Environmental Journalists); CENN (Caucasus Environmental NGO Network); IBSNN (International Black Sea NGO Network); RADIOBURG (Armenia); Radio “Zerkalo” (Azerbaijan); ISAR, OSGF, Eurasia Foundation, VERTIC, USIS, The World Bank, Counterpart Foundation, US Embassy, British Embassy, Canadian Embassy, UN Volunteer, TACIS, BBC MPM, UNDP, EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Royal Netherlands Embassy, “Horizonti” Foundation (Georgia);
Almost all Georgian NGOs.

Some of THE IMPLEMENTED projects
Radio Green Wave Project (supported by ISAR).
Radio Channel Green Wave (OSGF)
Youth Employment Project (ISAR).
The Radio for NGO (ISAR)
Radio and the Third Sector (Eurasia Foundation).
The Black Sea Coast series on environmental problems
NGO sector Against AIDS (UNV)
Waste Management Problems (BBC MPM)
Radio — Serving the Society (European Commission)
Georgian Environmental News (the World Bank, the Royal Netherlands Embassy)
Development Program of the Association Green Wave (Horizonti Foundation)

Ongoing projects
Assistance to Radio “Green Wave" in advocating principles of Sustainable Human Development (UNDP 1999-2000). Project envisages providing technical support to radio Green Wave in order to facilitate principles of Sustainable Human Development. Green Wave will contribute to promoting public awareness concerning the problems and the transition processes in Georgia; introduce principles of democracy, its global and national strategies, human rights throughout the region in order to help them to use it as an impetus in solving relevant problems.
Radio Bridge between South Caucasian Countries (Eurasia Foundation), 1999. The project is aimed at the development of civil society, the popularisation of the NGO sector in the region, the presentation of the current situation to the population of the region as well as to the entire world by means of 38 weekly radio programs broadcasted on Internet and placed on Internet server in digital audio and text format to give an opportunity to the rest of the world to join the programs and learn more about the current processes in the South Caucasus states.

Marine Association Poseidon, Tbilisi, Georgia

Contact address:
#92-75 Katevan Tsamebuli Ave
Tbilisi 380044, Georgia,
Tel: + 995 32 987331
Fax: + 995 32 334729
Authorized representative: Chairman Mr David Nikoleishvili

The Marine Association Poseidon was established back in 1994 and is now among the leading environmental NGOs in Georgia.

The objectives of the association include:
— development and popularization of mariculture
— establishment of marine farming and protection of the marine farmers’ interests
— identification of ecological problems in Georgia’s territorial and inner waters of the Black Sea
— elaboration and implementation of methods for the rational use of the Black Sea biological resources
— protection and conservation of valuable commercial fishes and fish species on the verge of extinction.

The main areas of activity of Poseidon cover a wide range of issues. The association studies the ecological problems of the Black Sea and enhances the public awareness on environmental issues. Its activities aim to attract the attention of both the general public and the government. Environmentally friendly sea farming is also one of Poseidon’s priorities. The preparation of alternative programs and concepts for the development of the Georgian coastal region is on its agenda as well. The association is involved in publicity, environmental education and media campaigns. It aims to unite the organizational skills and efforts of marine scientists, environmentalists, sea farmers and young people interested in sea issues.
Poseidon’s experts and its chairman have developed a number of projects and programs, related to various aquaculture and Black Sea environmental issues.

The association has performed activities related to following grants and awards:
— Small grant of ISAR (July 1994) for purchase of video equipment.
— Sacred Earth Network and Socio—Ecological Union award (June 1995) for computer equipment.
— World Bank grant (July 1995) for an eco—camp on the Black Sea (in cooperation with Georgian Greens and its juvenile union).
— World Bank award (October 1995) for shooting a documentary on the environmental problems of the Black Sea.
— Poseidon and Wild Nature Conservation, Georgian Centre, with TACIS support realised a substantial Black Sea project (September — October 1997). The project’s main purpose was to actively inform the public and enhance its awareness on Black Sea environmental issues as well as to involve it in a discussion on the drawing up of a national strategic workplan on the protection and rehabilitation of the Black Sea. The campaign received wide coverage on the Georgian Second TV Channel. The participants in the project published a book entitled “The Georgian Seaside”.
— Posiedon received a communication package grant (May 1998) from the Georgian department of the Open Society Fund for email and Internet purposes.
— Poseidon and the Balavari association published jointly a picture book for children entitled “Black Sea Fishes” promoting environmental education and culture.
Ongoing projects:
— October 1999 — “Offences in the field of fishery in the Black Sea and creation of the fundamentals of a long-term monitoring system”. The project is funded by the Horizont Foundation
— Project on the artificial cultivation of mussels in the coastal waters of the Black Sea.

International Association “News Information Service”, Georgia

Contact address:
25 Dolidze Str.
Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: +995 32 337098, +995 32 998504
Authorized representative: Nino Pavliashvili

The News Information Service was established in 1998.

Environmental education
Water and air pollution
Human health