Tourist Society “Rodni Balkani”, Varna

Contact address:
30 Preslav Str.
9000 Varna, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 52 630 283
E-mail: rodnib@bseanetwork.org
Tourist Society “Rodni Balkani was established in 1991
Authorised Representative: Zhechka Karova

To preserve the traditions of the Bulgarian tourist movement through environmentally friendly activities.

To develop and popularize Bulgarian tourism, orienteering, and nature protection

Editing, printing and distribution of tourist information, such as maps and guides
Monthly amateur theatre shows throughout Bulgaria
Organizing training and certifying in orienteering and skiing
Construction and maintenance of tourist huts

Mayday Foundation, Varna, Bulgaria

Contact address:
68 Bratia Miladinovi Str. Entr. V-51
9000 Varna, Bulgaria
Tel/ Fax: +359 52 306 423
E-mail: mayday@f2f.cx
Authorized Representative: Doychin Karshovski

— To promote Varna as an international centre for sustainable development, European integration, democracy, science and ecology

Organizing public awareness campaigns, courses, seminars, marine expeditions and holding public opinion surveys

Projects Implemented:
1997 — 1998 — Sailing ecoschool
1997 — 1998 — Exhibition of marine pictures and photos
1998 — 1999 — Children’s marine ecoschool
2000 — 2001 — The White Rocks — Development of tourism in small coastal towns

Marine Club “Friends of the Sea”, Bulgaria

Contact address:
68 Bratia Miladinovi Str. Entr. V-51
9000 Varna, Bulgaria
Tel/ Fax: +359 52 306 423
E-mail: seafriends@triada.bg
Authorized Representative: Darina Ivanova

— To preserve the traditions and values of seagoing and promote maritime culture

— To promote environmental awareness among young people
— To promote the Black Sea tourism
— To protect the Black Sea environment

Projects Implemented
Eco-Marine School Spring ’96
Sailing Eco-school Summer ’96
Eco-Marine School Spring ’97
Yacht Show ECOPONT ’97
Participation in Forum for the Black Sea and Straits environmental problems — Istanbul ’98
Participation in “Earth — Water — Air" Program
Scuba diving courses — ’96, ’97, ’98, ’99 and 2000.
Europe’s Day — ’97, ’98
International Black Sea Action Day ’98 — with Black Sea Center for Environmental Information and Education
Participation in International Black Sea NGO Forum — ’98
“SOS — Black Sea” — with Open Society Club, Pleven
“Vacation 2000” — with Open Society Club, Pleven
Exhibition in Varna Municipality
Black Sea NGO Network’s Pilot Project “Sustainable tourism”

Independent Ecological and Social Inspection /IESI/, Bulgaria

Contact address:
Mladost, bl. 146, Entr. 3, App. 44
9000 Varna, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 52 238 239
Fax: +359 52 233 163
E-mail: nesi-vn@dir.bg
Authorised Representative: Marian Petrov

Non-profit organisation of volunteers and experts united with the aim to promote and develop civil society and to protect nature.

Priority areas
— Ecology and nature protection
— Development and implementation of eco-projects in the region of Varna
— Public control over sustainable exploitation of nature resources
— Public control over working environment for safe and healthy labour conditions
— Social integration
— Labour market analysis and public control on labour legislation;
— Social integration of disabled people
— Protection of unemployed

Projects Implemented
“What To Do Next?” — Training for graduated students in labour legislation
“Clean Hands” — Corruption prevention, establishment of the institution “Independent civil observer”

“ECODIVE” — Black Sea Divers, Bulgaria

Contact address:
Institute of Oceanology, P.O. Box 152
9000 Varna, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 52 772 038
Fax: +359 52 774 256
Authorised Representative: Zhivko Savov

“ECODIVE” is a non-governmental, non-for-profit organisation established in 1999 and registered in 2000.

— To support organised efforts to prevent trawling in the Black Sea and assist the monitoring of seawater and coastal area pollution

— To organise diving activities
— To support governmental institutions in their efforts to prevent trawling in the Black Sea
— To provide monitoring for environmental accidents in the coastal and shallow shelf areas and to inform the relevant institutions about them
— To survey underwater areas in view of their protection and the sustainable utilisation of marine resources
— To interact with similar foreign and international organisations
— To lobby for environmentally sound fishing rules (licenses, taxes, etc.) at national level
— To organise qualification courses for the organisation’s members
— To provide public control on specialised services concerning diving equipment
— Projects Implemented
— AntiTrawl 2000 campaign with the support of the Black Sea NGO Network

Black Sea Centre for Environmental Information and Education, Varna, Bulgaria

Contact address:
12 Tsar Kaloyan Str.
9000 Varna, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 52 600 108
Fax: +359 52 602 047
E-mail: bse@triada.bg
Authorized representative: Nikolay Simenonov

— To improve the Black Sea environment through increasing public awareness, enhancing environmental knowledge and getting people involved in the local decision making process

— To provide up-to-date information with the intention of increasing public awareness on Black Sea environmental issues
— To assist in the exchange of environmental information between stakeholders
— To provide training and support programs for various professional groups
— To support the development of environmental programs at schools and universities
— To promote community projects and activities developing environmental awareness and involving the public in the decision making process
— To assist the strengthening of the NGOs Forum in the Black Sea region

Projects implemented:
1996 — Environmental youth training camp — Shabla’ 95, International Black Sea Day ’96
1997 — Training of trainers “Participation of the citizens in solving environmental problems and working with NGOs”, project “What’s up with the National Strategic Plan for rehabilitation and protection of the Black Sea”, project “For cleaner sea, higher public participation”— identifying the main polluters of Varna
— International traveling exhibition “ECOPONT” 97/98 in the Black Sea countries” Celebration of International Black Sea Action day — 31 October; Fifth Meeting of the International Black Sea Forum of Environmental NGOs.
1998 — International Symposium “Environmental Aspects of Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration, Exploitation and Transportation in and out of the Black Sea”, International Europe Day; Civil Expert Committee for Public Environmental Control of the Coastal Zone (ECOEC); International Black Sea Day; First National Meeting of the Black Sea NGOs; Official celebration of St. Nicholas Day, 6 December with NGOs and Varna marine businesses
1999 — Public discussion on the Bulgarian maritime transport strategy; Public discussion on the draft law for the sea areas, internal waterways and ports; International Earth Day — 22 April; Organising children’s exhibition “Underwater World of the Black Sea” dedicated to the Week of the Sea — 01.08 – 07.08 ’99; International Black Sea Day —31.10.
2000 — 2001 — Project “Public advocacy initiative for a responsible Bulgarian coastal zone development policy”

Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”, Varna, Bulgaria

Contact Address:
Varna Free University
9007 Varna, Bulgaria
Tel/ Fax: +359 52 356 088
Web site: www.vfu.bg
Authorised Representative: Prof. Anna Nedyalkova

Varna Free University was established in 1991. Later under Special Decree of the 37th Bulgarian National Assembly, issued on July 21, 1995 (Official Gazette, issue No 68) the Varna Free University was granted the status of a higher educational institution. Varna Free University functions as an autonomous educational structure, in compliance with the Bulgarian Constitution and the Higher Education Law. Starting as an independent and democratic private educational institution the Varna Free University managed to promote its image and establish a high reputation for itself in the academic community in Bulgaria. The students receive modern high quality education opening up numerous opportunities to the graduates, including future academic and practical training meeting the official governmental requirements and the European educational standards. The competent highly qualified lecturers help the students acquire vast knowledge on a wide range of subjects within their chosen course of studies. The research performed by leading members of the teaching staff and students contributes to the high quality of he educational process. The modern facilities of the Varna Free University provide excellent conditions for educational activities. The university occupies 13 000 sq metres of built up area and 25 hectares of land. These include well-equipped lecture halls, computer rooms with Internet access, designer and choreography studios. There are video and audio-teaching aids provided for each discipline.
The Varna Free University maintains contacts with 20 universities and is member of the Black Sea University Network. The university also participates in projects of the Tempus Program and other educational and research programs of the European Union.

Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities, Varna, Bulgaria

Contact address:
P.O.Box 161
9000 Varna, Bulgaria
Tel/ Fax: +359 52 600 266, +359 52 611 811
E-mail : absm@revolta.com
Authorised Representative: Mariana Kancheva

The Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities (UBBSLA) is an independent non-governmental and non-profit organization established as a legal entity in 1992.
The following Bulgarian municipalities are members of UBBSLA: Avren, Aksakovo, Balchik, Beloslav, Bjala, Bourgas, Dalgopol, Dolen Chiflik, Devnja, Dobrich, Kavarna, Malko Tarnovo, Nessebar, Pomorie, Primorsko, Shabla, Sozopol, Suvorovo, Tsarevo, Valci Dol and Varna. The number of members is 21.

— To support and stimulate regional economic development and the effectiveness of local self-government, as well as to encourage active citizen participation

— To improve the competency and knowledge of local officials and municipal staff
— To provide opportunities for municipal officials and staff to exchange experience and information on municipal policies, programs and projects
— To develop legislative initiatives and regulations affecting local self - government
— To conduct surveys, collect data, make research related to the responsibilities and functions of local self - government
— To facilitate the exchange of experience and practices in local self-government among governmental officials, academicians and local self-governments in other countries
—To organize common projects or programs for the mutual benefit of its members.

— Organisation of meetings
— Collection and processesing of information at local, regional and national level
— Development of local, regional and international projects supporting the objectives of the organisation.
The organisation participates in programs of the EC and other programs. It promotes and supports legislative initiatives of the Black Sea municipalities — members of UBBSLA at local, national and international level.

Tourist Association “Ekos”, Bulgaria

Contact address:
32 Vardar Str.
8000 Bourgas, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 56 801 508
E-mail: ecos_association@hotmail.com
Authorised Representative: Petko Bogoev

Tourist Association “Ekos” is a non-governmental organisation established on 13.06.1996. The association has its own tourist equipment (tents, sleeping bags, inflatable boats etc.) and site for construction of scout camps. Members of the association are orienteering, water sports, tourist and ecological clubs.
The association members work with over 160 children.

— To support the development of tourism and raise the environmental awareness of the public

The association is the initiator and organiser of ecological expeditions : “Veleka 96”, “Maslen Nos 96”, “Kamchia 97”, “Drianovski Manastir 97”. Every week the association takes schoolchildren on trips to the huts “Louda Kamchia”, “Karandila” and “Bacho Kiro” in cooperation with the District Children’s Complex.
In 1998 the association was licensed to work on the environmental protection programme within the “Green Bourgas” Project supported by the Dutch Agency for Environmental Protection PCMP, Rotterdam.
The association developed a programme for the waterside protected areas within a project of the Dutch International Centre for Water Study ICWS, Amersfort, in May 1998.
The association is a founding member of the Youth Regional Council.

Archaeological and Environmental Protection Association TERA, Bulgaria

Contact address:
98 Tzar Simeon Str.
8000 Bourgas, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 56 443 43
Fax: +359 56 844 023
E-mail: proline@baraba.com
Authorised Representative: Svetlan Kirilov

TERA was established in 1997.

— To raise public awareness and improve public knowledge and education on the Bulgarian nature, culture and history
— To develop proactive attitude, especially of young people on natural, cultural and historical issues, as well as to advocate for legislative amendments related to those issues

Activities and projects
Exploration and classification of rare and endangered birds, reptiles and mammals
Tracking of the Via Pontica route of bird migration (the Burgas region span of the route)
Production of documentaries, photo and video materials in the area of environmental protection
Survey and assessment of the present condition of the archaeological monuments and sites endangered by treasure-hunters and mobilization of legal action to protect those monuments and sites
Providing expertise and consultancy to local and national government agencies on routes in the nature reserves on the territory of Burgas region
Environmental photo-exhibitions as a part of the Bulgarian-Dutch “Greener Burgas” Program and the Black Sea NGO Network to celebrate the Internationa Black Sea Day.
Currently TERA is developing a catalogue of the protected bird species in the Black Sea region nature reserves, named “Under the Sign of the Eagle”.
TERA is member of the National Bird Protection Association and some local associations.

Centre for Environmental Information and Education (CEIE), Sofia, Bulgaria

Contact address:
Complex ILINDEN, Indje voivoda Str., bl. 9 (G1), Entr.3, 2 fl.
1309 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel/ Fax: +359 2 920 1341
E-mail: ceie@bluelink.net, ceie@iterra.net
Authorised Representative: Petko Kovatchev

CEIE was founded in 1994 and registered in 1995.

— Public awareness campaigns, education, institutional development, publications, co-ordination of local NGO activities countrywide, lobbying, special campaigns in energy, transportation, water problems (including Danube basin), international activities and co-operation.

1993 — 1994 CEIE members developed a community-based environmental project in six Bulgarian municipalities
1994 PHARE NGO Black Sea Public Awareness Project
1995 Danube Small Grants Programme
1996 Publishing of the leaflet “Energy Efficiency in the household sector”
MDB Energy Project — a worldwide project on MDBs financing for energy projects.
1997 Leaflet about water use efficiency in the city of Sofia — 100 000 issues
Small projects in the energy and transport sectors
1998 Co-founder of the first Bulgarian Virtual Network of Environmental NGOs (BLUELINK)
Sofia Water Supply and Sewerage Company Public Relations Campaign
Public awareness and public participation in the preparation of Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) for Bulgaria of the World Bank
1999 International Conference on Post-War Reconstruction of the Balkans
NGOs EIA Task Force in Bulgaria
2000 Founding member of the NGO Assembly for Europe and Central Asia (ECA) supporting and facilitate contacts of NGOs from ECA with the World Bank.

Major Campaigns
Promotion of energy efficiency legislation
Anti-nuclear campaigns
Public participation in the process of preparation of the new WB’ CAS for Bulgaria
Law for Protected Areas
Sustainable water and energy use
Sustainable communities
Public participation and access to information
Consultations between the World Bank and NGOs on CAS
District heating efficiency campaign
CEIE is member of CEE Bankwatch Network of Central and Eastern Europe, the Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism, the European Environmental Bureau, the Danube Environmental Forum Black Sea NGO Network, the NGO Assembly for Europe and Central Asia (ECA).
Since 1997 CEIE and “For the Earth” publish a bimonthly bulletin “BankWatch Bulletin” (in Bulgarian). CEIE also supports publications of other NGOs through materials, recommendation and distribution.