European Maritime Day 2018 in Bulgaria

Europan Maritime Day

The European Maritime Day will be held in Burgas, Bulgaria on 31 May and 1 June 2018. Black Sea NGO Network will join forces with coalition Rethink Plastic to organize and host a stakeholder seminar on coastal and marine environment entitled “Regional Cooperation on Marine Litter”. BSNN will present its ongoing project MELTEMI 'Marine litter transnational legislation enhancement and improvement' implemented by eight partners from Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece within the Balkan-Mediterranean 2014—2020 Programme. The concept of circular economy and the effort to set ambitious targets for action on single use plastics and fishing gear will be part of the discussion. The BSNN team will present the efforts of the MELTEMI partnership to create transnational networks among the participating countries and integrate science and policy with the aim to review world’s best practices and tools and adapt them to the countries’ needs. Suitable non-market value local specific measures on marine litter and their application will be proposed so that they could facilitate the circular economy concept and approach and reinforce a resource efficient economy from a policy perspective.

Public consultation on reducing marine litter

Bottle in the send

Plastic is widely recognized as the most abundant material in marine litter. Recent information shows that plastic is prevailing in all European regions and that more than the half of the litter is formed by packaging waste like plastic bottles and bags. The European Commission has published a stakeholder survey “Reducing marine litter: actions on single use plastics and abandoned, lost or otherwise discarded fishing gear” as part of the follow up to the EU Strategy on Plastics adopted in January 2018. Plastics are an important material in the economy and present in many aspects of our daily lives, but they also have relatively low rates of reuse and recycling and are prone to littering. The European Commission Action Plan for a Circular Economy (2015) therefore identified plastics as one of 5 priority areas. Rising amounts of plastic waste and marine litter are among the key problems that the strategy seeks to address. The consultation is open until 12 February 2018.

BSNN Condemns the Attack on Andrey Rudomakha and Demands Justice for his Attackers

Black Sea NGO Network condemns the brutal and violent attack on Andrey Rudomakha, member of BSNN's Management Board until 2016, and members of the Environmental Watch on the North Caucasus (EWNC), which occurred in Krasnodar, Russia, on the evening of 28 December 2017. You can join the petition demanding that the Russian authorities conduct a swift and thorough investigation into his attack and that the perpetrators be brought to justice by sending your name, organization and country to Kate Watters, Crude Accountability .
A parallel Russian language petition at has already received over 120 000 supporters.
Additional information about the attack is available in Russian on the website of EWNC

Protection of the marine environment

EEA Grants

In September 2017 the Black Sea NGO Network began work on a transnational cooperation project aiming to enhance the legal framework for protection of the marine environment from pollution with solid waste known as marine litter. The project MELTEMI or MarinE litter transnational LegislaT EnhanceMent and Improvement is co-funded by the European Union and national funds of the participating countries within the Balkan-Mediterranean 2014—2020 Programme. The project with leader the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research brings together eight partner institutions from Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece in an effort to address the complex transboundary environmental issue of marine litter with effective regional policies and reduction measures. In the course of two years the MELTEMI partners will cooperate to assess the existing legal and policy framework and seek active engagement of society and key players in networking and the introduction of best practices on reducing marine litter pollution. The total project budget is about 1.230 million euro.