Center for Environmental Education “Aqua”, Novorossiysk

Contact address:
Post address:2/32 K. Marks Str.
Novorossiysk 353 900, Russia
Office address: Novorossiysk, 44 Sovetov St., ‘Black Sea’ HoPhone, 2 floor, office 17
Tel: +7 8617 252613/610023
Fax: +7 8617 225379
Web site:
Authorized representative: Ms Tatyana Tribrat

Mission and objectives:
The Center for Environmental Education “Aqua” of Novorossiysk, Russia was created in 1997 and the majority of its members are students from the schools #6 and #5 and the Polytechnic Liceum in the city. The organization includes 65 members. Its specific mission is to form environmental consciousness and respect for the environment in young people and to promote their environmental education. It works for a change in consciousness of the urban community toward an understanding of the unique nature of the Black Sea and the coastal area. In a broader sense the Center for Environmental Education “Aqua” aims to raise public awareness on Black Sea environmental issues and to develop environmental education programs for young people transforming the public attitudes into an environmentally responsible behaviour of the whole society.

The Center of Environmental Education “Aqua” has participated in the following programs:
Scientific research, seminars, conferences, and exhibitions of pictures, placards, photo and literary works with an environmental theme.
Sustainable tourism.
The actions on cleaning the Black Sea coast, springs, monuments of nature and landmarks of the city.
Monitoring pollution levels for places with environmental degradation.

Projects and campaigns:
“Public awareness and participation” within the framework of the project “The Strategic Plan for Protection and Restoration of the Black Sea” (1998—2000).
Environmental camps: “‘Doob—1998; “Doob—1999; “Lesnaya Polyana’ (June 1999);
Holding environmental conferences marking The Black Sea Action Day 1997 — 2000.
Participation in a travelling exhibition of pictures and posters “Ekopont—1998”.
The “Utrish—98” Campaign for cleaning four kilometers of the Black Sea coast (1998).
Monitoring of Sudzhuk spit (establishment the Post #1) (1998).
“Springs” – clearing and sample testing of water from springs in the vicinity of Novorossiysk (1999).
“Ecobus” — the project implemented in 4 cities of Krasnodar Territory with the educational program on problems of the Black Sea (1999).
Exhibitions of environmental posters and photos on the conservation of biodiversity, environmental problems (1998, 1999, 2000).
Cleaning of Pioneer Grove and the ?emess Bay (April 2000).
Participation in a campaign and actions against the project CPC (1997—2000).

Independent Environmental Service (IES) on North West Caucasus, Maykop

Contact address:
p.b.73, Main Post Office
Maykop 38500, Russia
Tel: +7 87722 43652
Fax: +7 87722 43652
Authorized Representative: Anrdrey Rudomakha

The IES was established in 1997 and in 1998 received the status of an inter—regional public institution at the International Socio—ecological Union. IES activities are implemented in Krasnodar territory, the Adygeya Republic and the Karachai—Cherkess Republic.

Mission of the organisation:
to prevent ecological crisis
Goals of the organisation: the solution of acute ecological problems of the Western Caucasus, the preservation of wildlife of the Western Caucasus, the creation of a powerful public environmental movement in theWestern Caucasus.

— To organize public campaigns and other actions against projects, threatening to the environmental safety
— To gather, classify and distribute information on environmental issues of the Northern Caucasus
— To coordinate activities of the Northern Caucasus public environmental movement;
— To help local public environmental organizations and separate activists;
— To control logging of forests;
— To control poaching in protected areas;
— To organize a public environmental review;
— PR activity concerning acute environmental problems;
— To develop sustainable tourism.

Projects implemented:
1997 — 1998 — Campaign for advocacy of wild nature in the area of the mountain Large Tkhach; Campaign against project CPC; Campaign for advocacy of wild nature of Sochi National Park; North West Caucasus Environmental Cooperation Initiative; Independent Environmental Service on North West Caucasus; Regional conference NGO on wild nature protection issues in North West Caucasus.
1998 — United conference of Krasnodar and Adygeyan branches of SEU
1999 — Campaign against the road Lagonaki — Dagomys
2000 — Information service “Krona—Info”

Krasnodar Regional Public Environmental Organization “Environmental Course” (Ecourse), Anapa Russia

Contact address:
13 Golubtsa Str., Anapa 353410, Krasnodar Territory, Russia
Tel: +7 86133 56269
Fax: +7 86133 56269
Authorized Representative: Svetlana Pankova

to work for the protection of the Black Sea

— To organize public campaigns and other activities aimed against projects and practices threatening the Black Sea environment, the coastal resources and landscape
— To organize public education on environmental issues with particular attention to the education of the young generation
— To work for the preservation of Anapa as a clean and cosy health resort
“Ecourse” was established in 1996 and registered in 1998. In 1998 the organisation took part in the establishment of the BSNN. “Ecourse” has participated in the public discussion of the project of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium from the very beginning of this process. About 10 thousand signatures of the inhabitants of Anapa and visitors to the health resort were collected under protest against the construction of an oil harbor in Southern Ozireyka. Appeals were sent to the President, the Government and the State Duma of Russia with the request to transfer the CPC oil harbor to another place and save children's health resort.
“Ecourse”, the Association ‘Anaparesort and Council of People's Deputies of Anapa have achieved parliamentary hearings in the State Duma on the conflict between ports and health resorts in the Black Sea region. In 1998 “Ecourse” conducted protest actions against the construction of an oil harbor close to Anapa. In 1999 the activists of “Ecourse” joined the “greens” protest action at the formal opening of the CPC construction in Southern Ozereyka.

Projects implemented:
Art competition “Crab 97”; Competition on ecological activity at schools “Magic Mirror”, Operations “Fir—tree”, “Primrose”, “Silkworm”, “Clean Beaches”, “Oil”.
Actions and city measures on the International day of the Black Sea (October 31), International Day of Nature Protection (June 5), International Earth Day (April 22).

Public Environmental Organization “Ecoinform”, Kurganinsk, Russia

Contact address:
107 Sadovaya St, Kurganinsk 352400, Krasnodar Territory, Russia.
Tel: +7 86147 21205
Fax: +7 86147 22751
Authorized Representative: Vladimir Loginov

Mission of the organization:
to promote the sustainable development of the Black Sea region

— To create a working model of sustainable development in the Kurganinsk District of Krasnodar Territory.
— To promote environmental education and public awareness.
— To form a public environmental movement in the Kurganinsk District.
— To promote resource and energy—saving technologies and methods of land usage.
— To implement environmental construction projects.
— To create an operational model site on sustainable agricultural development in the form of training grounds.

Projects implemented:
1995 — present—“Sustainable Biointensive Miniagriculture”
1997 — Monthly program “Homestead land” on TV, Kurganinsk
1998 — 1999 — Videofilms within the framework of the project “Novorossiysk Dendrological Park”

Black Sea Socio—Ecological Centre, Genendzhik, Russia

Contact address:
Post address: P.O.Box 253, Gelendzhik, 353460, Russia
Office address: Gelendzhik, st. Mira 23/3, office 11
Tel: + 7 86141 23201
Authorized Representative: Maya Osicheva

— Conservation of the environment, natural resources and recreational potential of Gelendzhik and the Black Sea region of the Russian Federation

— To coordinate public efforts for the preservation of the ecological balance in the Black Sea region
— To promote environmental publicity and to provide the public with environmental information
— To create a system of natural areas of preferential protection on the Black Sea coast
— To strengthen international nature protection cooperation
— To develop, promote and implement ecologically rational means of nature management
— To promote social justice in terms of protection of human rights and liberties, as indispensable factors of the sustainable social development
— To enhance public control over the state, municipal and private organizations
— To control federal, regional and municipal legislative processes and to lobby for the protection and enhancement of environmental, social and political rights and liberties of the population from the Black Sea region
— To participate in the formation of a real local government, as one of the primary factors for sustainable development of local communitie

Projects implemented:
Public hearing and environmental action “Oak Grove” in protection of relict plant community in the 1—th zone of sanitarian guards of a health resort
Preparation of the regular environmental page in the local newspaper “Priboy”
Inventory of natural monuments in the region of city Gelendzhik
City nature protection conference (1996)
Public environmental review and feasibility study for the Gelendzhik cargo seaport
Public campaign on environmental problems of the Black Sea resort region of the Russian Federation
Local referendum on a designed cargo port in Gelendzhik Bay (1998)
Public environmental review of the general layout of a city — health resort Gelendzhik.
2—nd local referendum on a cargo port in Gelendzhik bay (2000)
Public environmental review of the projects of forest management and renovation Gelendzhik dendrological park

Rostov Regional Public Environmental Movement “New Wave”, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Contact address:
P.O.Box 514, 344010, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Tel: + 7 8632 325191
Authorized Representative: Vasily Agafonov

— To promote moral attitude of human society to nature.

— To promote sustainable development
— To protect the rights of citizens to a healthy environment
— To protect animals from brutal treatment
— To promote the understanding of nature as a resource
— To counteract with legal methods to the construction and exploitation of environmentally harmful and dangerous projects
— To promote environmental awareness

— Campaign against the launch of Rostov NPP
— Campaign for saving the river Temernik
— Campaign against construction of the transshipment terminal for methanol in the Azov Sea
— Campaign against the capture of stray animals
— Developing solutions for the salvation of the Azov Sea ecosystem by restoring the natural flow of the river Don and bringing down the level of dam

Regional Environmental Movement “Green Don”, Novocherkassk, Russia

Contact address:
St. Dachnaya 1/2
346408, Novocherkassk, Rostov region, Russia
Tel: +7 86352 27239
Fax: +7 86352 22598 (For Lagutov)
Authorized Representative: Vladimir Lagutov

— To identify and eliminate sources of environmental pollution

— Campaign against the launch of the Rostov NPP
— Campaign for saving biodiversity and fisheries of the Azov basin
— Campaign for promotion of local self-management;
— Creation of an effective system of the public control on processes carrying hazard and preservation of a favorable habitat.

Sochi Department of Russian Geographical Society, Sochi, Russia

Contact address:
av. Kurortny 113
354024 Sochi, Russia
Tel: +7 8622 970007
Authorized Representative: Galina Kuzminskaya

— To develop geographical sciences, education, nature protection and rational utilization of nature resources.

— To develop social initiative
— To conduct scientific research
— To promote geographical knowledge
— To contribute to the development of local geography and tourism, environmental review of projects
— To establish scientific contacts.

The current work of the commissions at the society is in the sphere of promotion of the geographical sciences, oceanography, local geography tourism, biological geography, geology and mineralogy, speleology, school geography, nature protection. The society holds conferences and seminars, issues publications and organises expeditions

Environmental Club “Lotus”

Contact address: St. Festivalnaya 2, school #22, RU-353860 Primorsko-Akhtarsk, Kransodar Territory / St. Dzerzhinsky 3/10, RU-353862 Primorsko-Akhtarsk, Krasnodar Territory, Russia
Tel: +7 86143 28778
Authorized representative: Svetlana Sionova

— Investigation and protection of the flora and fauna of Primorsko-Akhtarsk district

Environmental education, based on regional research and study, performed by schoolchildren.
ublications: Monthly news column “Green Leaf” in the district newspaper “Priazovye”.