International Black Sea Day — 31 October

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International Black Sea Day 2023 commemorates the 27th anniversary of the signature of the Black Sea Strategic Action Plan. Read more

Support Ukraine

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Russia Cannot Avoid Punishment for Aggression against Ukraine, for War and Environmental Crimes

A message from Prof. Oleg Rubel, Chairman of BSNN
Odesa, 27 March 2022 Press release



‘Raising public awareness and reducing marine litter for protection of the Black Sea ecosystem’ is a joint project of six partners from Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania and Turkey, including research institutes and NGOs, aiming to change attitudes and practices of varoius stakeholder groups for diminishing the solid waste reaching the Black Sea. Read more



The project ‘Safeguarding the functionality of transnationally important ecological corridors in the Danube basin’ aims to demonstrate ways of designing appropriate mitigation measures and maintaining or improving the functionality of ecological corridors through integrated planning. Read more



‘Improved online public access to environmental monitoring data and data tools for the Black Sea Basin supporting cooperation in the reduction of marine litter’ is a joint undertaking of five partners from Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Romania and Ukraine. The objective of MARLITER is to promote stronger cross-border integration of information, knowledge and expertise on the state of the environment and marine litter issues in the Black Sea region. Read more